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The art behind Jazzy Pocket is primarily represented through our kaleidoscopic collection of pocket squares. The collection comprises a wide range of accessories; including ties, lapel pins and cufflinks reminiscent of coloured gem stones.

Our aim is to create and design meaningful, wearable pieces of art.

The Craft

Our approach to design combines vibrant textiles and cabochon stones. We use wax print, a cotton material with distinctive visual artwork. These prints have a rich multicultural identity; with roots in Indonesian batik fabrics, creative expressions by Dutch artists and inspirations from Africa. The result of this multicultural blend is reflected in our collection being vibrant and colourful.

The Inspiration

Each pocket square within the collection carries a meaning that is inspired by the bible. The artwork displayed on each print is interpreted through colours and symbols to illustrate a passage or verse from the bible. We provide a scripture reference for each pocket square in the form of a cabochon stone lapel pin. Discover more and explore our store.

The Art

Ever walked into a museum or art gallery and observed those colourful paintings on the wall? Or perhaps you have visited a cathedral and got mesmerised by the murals expanding across its brilliantly decorated ceilings. Or maybe like me, you love gazing at kaleidoscopic glass stained windows on historic church buildings?

When viewing our collection of pocket squares we invite you to adopt a similar level of observation. This will help you to understand the artwork and capture the essence behind the related biblical interpretations. Some designs are easily discerned through the colours, patterns and symbols that can be identified. Others however are more like abstract art and may require a closer look.